Editorial Note

The Journal of Technical Education Research and Development is a multidisciplinary journal of the Federal College of Education (Technical) Umunze, Anambra State. The new vision of the college is to re-engineer and re-position the college so as to build and sustain a culture of vocational technical education research and development that will help formulate the effective implementation of policies in vocational technical education as well as other related sectors of the economy. The College journal will publish well researched theoretical and empirical studies in all aspects of technical/technological education. One major concern for us today in vocational technical education is the development of an innovative information package about technological awareness and our pre-occupation with curriculum engineering. This awareness must be stirred up in our campuses so that our teachers and researchers can help produce the much needed technological literature. It is hoped that the production of suitable literature will fast-track the transformation of, at least in certain aspects, the cultural patterns of our dependent populations using technical education to that end. To achieve this, the college has launched a special journal entitled the Journal of Technical Education Research Development (JOTERD). The aim of the journal is to raise critical issues in Technical Education in Nigeria. It is expected that contributors to the journal would bring new insights and suggestions for improving practices at various levels based on research and experience. The journal would promote the dissemination of practical and useful innovative practices for replication as appropriate. OBJECTIVES OF THE JOURNAL The objective in launching the journal is not merely to have a college journal but essentially to meet the needs of an industrializing society and of widening public participation in technical education development and planning so that all hands will be on deck to assist the governments of the federation on the implementation and execution of policies and issues in vocational technical education. The objectives of the journal are: i. To channel our abundant human and material resources in the society to create awareness through management by objective (MBO) and above the concept of trial and error, or merely keeping busy. ii. To encourage the generation of national intelligence in solving local problems by accepting written opinions from all classes of people. iii. To discourage the problem of inertia in writing so that more people will write and publish. iv. To emphasize the need for writing and carrying out research on our environmental issues so as to publish the much needed textbooks with indigenous flavor. v. To help disseminate new or innovative ideas for the development and improvement of technical education in the service of our economic and social transformation. Let it be stressed here that opinions and views expressed in the journal are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the Editors, Management and the Governing Council of the college. Dr. S. Chukwuka EYIBE, ftwan Editor-in-Chief

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